The Mobilize Center’s multifaceted, high-impact training program engages diverse communities in biomedical engineering, rehabilitation, and data science to promote best practices and advance the use of robust, user-friendly tools for mobile sensing, machine learning, and precision rehabilitation. 

  • Online webinars and tutorials: Our online webinars will highlight the latest research on mobile technology and machine learning for biomechanics and movement research. They will also include tips and tricks for incorporating these technologies into your own research. See all webinars | Access tutorials
  • Virtual office hours: The Mobilize Center collaborates with the Restore Center to offer Virtual Office Hours to support researchers working with wearable sensors, video technology, and other modalities in rehabilitation research. Learn more
  • Workshops: Our short introductory workshops expose biomechanical scientists, rehabilitation specialists, and clinicians to our software tools for conducting mobile sensing, machine learning, and rehabilitation research. We also offer multi-day workshops that provide hands-on experience with our software tools, as well as time for individuals to apply our tools to their own research projects. 
  • Symposia at conferences: We organize symposia that showcase the latest research on wearable sensors and machine learning for movement disorders and provide a forum to discuss cross-disciplinary issues about mobile technologies, such as validation and data partnerships. 
  • Women in Data Science Conference: We partner with the Women in Data Science Conference team to produce a worldwide technical conference that inspires, educates, and supports women in the field of data science.
  • mHealth Connect symposium: This symposium highlights state-of-the-art research, facilitates new collaborations and fosters discussions about key challenges and opportunities in mobile health interventions for movement impairments.
  • Best practices guidelines: In collaboration with the Restore Center, we are establishing a collection of best practices on how to design and execute studies on mobile sensing and machine learning applications related to movement impairments.

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