Collaborative Projects

Collaborative projects (CPs) drive the development of our computational models and tools. They help us identify technological needs within the bioengineering, biomechanical modeling, data science, mHealth, and rehabilitation research communities. We work with them to define the specifications for tools to address those needs, and they serve as beta testers to refine and harden the tools we develop and share through extensive two-way collaboration. 

Our current CPs are:

  • Personalized Gait Retraining for Individuals with Osteoarthritis
    PI: Julie Kolesar, VA Palo Alto Health Care System
  • Estimating Bone Loading via Wearable Sensors in Children with Cerebral Palsy
    PI: Tishya Wren, Children’s Hospital Los Angeles
  • Optimization of Exoskeleton Assistance Using Wearable Sensors
    PI: Steve Collins, Stanford University
  • Prediction of Freezing of Gait from Neural Recordings and IMU Data
    PI: Helen Bronte-Stewart, Stanford University

Service Projects

Service Projects (SPs) expand the usability of the software, models, and other resources we develop. They provide greater coverage than our Collaborative Projects (CPs) and test the generalizability of our resources. 

Our current SPs are:

  • Monitoring Knee Biomechanics After Anterior Cruciate Ligament (ACL) Reconstruction
    PI: Eni Halilaj, Carnegie Mellon University

  • Automatic Extraction of Modeling Parameters from the Scientific Literature
    PI: Ahmet Erdemir, Cleveland Clinic

  • An Electronic Health Record-Based Joint Replacement Surveillance System
    PI: Nigam Shah, Stanford University; Nicholas Giori, Palo Alto VA Health System

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