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Tishya Wren

Tishya Wren

Associate Professor of Research Surgery, USC Investigator, Children's Hospital Los Angeles

Our collaboration with Dr. Wren will result in methods for computing bone loading and muscle forces from wearable sensors, which are validated against current gold standard approaches. She will use this technology in her study of ambulatory individuals with cerebral palsy.

Steve Collins

Steve Collins

Associate Professor of Mechanical Engineering Stanford University

We are collaborating with Dr. Collins to develop methods to compute metabolic energy costs from wearable sensors. These methods will be validated against current gold standards and will aid his work in optimizing assistance strategies for exoskeletons.

Helen Bronte-Stewart

Helen Bronte-Stewart

Professor of Neurology and Neurological Sciences Stanford University

In collaboration with Dr. Bronte-Stewart, we are developing machine learning models to identify freezing of gait events from inertial measurement sensors and neural data in patients with Parkinson's Disease both in the lab and in the home setting.

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