Workshop: Rapid Biomedical Knowledge Base Construction from Unstructured Data

Do you want to automatically identify biomarkers reported within the scientific literature that  are related to a particular disease?

Do you have a large collection of text-based documents (e.g., articles, webpages, reports, catalogs) from which you want to create a database of experimentally derived parameters, like P53 concentration levels or tissue stiffness?

Do you want to analyze clinical notes to extract patient-reported functional capabilities related to a given treatment?

In our two-day workshop for “Rapid Biomedical Knowledge Base Construction from Unstructured Data,” you will learn how to use a tool called Snorkel to perform these types of tasks. Snorkel automatically extracts information from unstructured data sources, such as the scientific literature and clinical notes, without using large, labeled training datasets, which are often lacking in biomedicine. The workshop is being held at Stanford University on July 19-20, 2017. Learn more