The Mobilize Center will produce a set of tools to serve a large swath of the biomedical and data science communities. We will build on our past experience creating over 25 software packages with tens of thousands of downloads by researchers, clinicians, students, and commercial users.

Through our Data Science Cores, we will develop open source, extensible software for biomedical big data:

  • OpenSim software for biomechanical modeling and simulation, which will serve as a common standard for integrating and analyzing mobility big data, including robust optimization methods for general use in biomedical big data analytics
  • Optimization software for solving the mathematical systems for modeling and analyzing big data
  • R Statistical Learning Packages to make predictions with time-series data and identify insightful connections from biomedical big data
  • SNAP software for modeling and probing behavioral dynamics and decision making, as well as the dynamics of large social networks
  • DeepDive software for developing, testing, and understanding trained systems that integrate diverse data and model types through logic rules
  • Snorkel is an open-source, lightweight software platform for deep learning. It can easily incorporate input from experts to build up knowledge bases that perform as well or better than gold standard datasets for making predictions. Unlike other approaches, which require precisely labeled data to train and build the models, Snorkel can work with just a set of user-input rules.

Each of our software packages will have an open source licensing structure and, where possible, we will include an extensible Application Programming Interface (API) to allow others to expand the software’s capabilities. We will use our well-honed software development process for all products, which includes a rigorous design process, testing via automatic verification and user feedback, professional packaging, and extensive documentation and support. Our well-established resource portal,, will serve as a platform for disseminating our data and software, and for connecting researchers.