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Analysis of 600,000+ crisis hotline text messages identifies successful counseling techniques

Mobilize Center graduate student Tim Althoff and Mobilize Center faculty member Jure Leskovec published a research paper in the Transactions of the Association for Computational Linguistics Journal where they conducted a large-scale quantitative analysis of over 600,000 text messages from 15,555 counseling conversations. They developed novel computational methods such as a sequence-based unsupervised conversation model and psycholinguistics-inspired word frequency analyses to learn how various linguistic aspects of conversation are correlated with conversational outcomes.

Results from the analysis yielded five strategies that successful counselors utilize. Read the full article

Abby King Discusses the Key for Behavior Change at mHealth Connect

At last week’s mHealth Connect, Abby King highlighted the need to personalize incentives for behavior change. How to select the right approach for motivating an individual, though, should come from an analysis of the individual’s behavior, not from asking the individual about her preference.

Read more about this idea in a piece written by David Shaywitz, the moderator of the panel on which Abby King participated. A recording of the discussion will also be available. To sign up to receive notification of the recording’s availability, click here.   To learn more about mHealth Connect and the issues around wearables that are being tackled, click here.